Services & Rates



Get the nutrition guidance you need in our office or yours. If you live out of the area or are unable to make it to a session, face-to-face Skype sessions or phone calls are also available. We are here however you need.  

Initial Nutrition Assessment  

Our first session is designed as a 60 minute health and nutrition assessment. This session allows you to get to know me and allows me to obtain detailed information regarding your health concerns and individual needs. During our time together, I will also provide wellness education specifically tailored to you. $90

One Hour Follow Up Session  

After our initial assessment, let’s get together to discuss further nutrition education and design a support plan to guide you as you pursue your health goals. $75

Half Hour Check-In Session  

Whenever you need additional support, let’s get together. These can be used as regular sessions or for those moments of extra need. $40

Text Support 

If you don’t live locally or are not yet ready to meet in person but feel like you need support and accountability to get through your meals, this unlimited text support plan is for you! $100/month

Grocery Store Outing 

Sometimes navigating your way through a grocery store can be challenging and anxiety provoking. I will accompany you at the grocery store with a personalized shopping list that will help you feel confident about the products you buy to feed you and your family. $30

Restaurant Outing 

Eating out can be a challenge. Whether you’re struggling with an eating disorder or need some guidance navigating a menu,  I will be by your side to help you overcome any fears and to learn to feel comfortable with restaurant dining. $30

Cooking/Meal Prep Class 

A one hour class designed to teach you how to make quick and easy meals. You’ll bring the ingredients and I will teach you cooking, preparation, and portioning skills. At the end of the class,we’ll pack the food in individual containers and you’ll take them home for delicious meals that will last you the rest of the week. $30

Cash, check, or credit cards accepted. Nutrition Intuition does not take insurance but can provide you with a monthly super bill to submit to your insurance for possible reimbursement. 


I have struggled with anorexia and bulimia for over 11 years. I have been in treatment for my eating disorder 9 different times. I met Kayla when I was admitted to an Eating Disorder Hospital in California. At that point in my life, I was in the depths of my eating disorder. I was anxious, … Continue reading Falon


Kayla provides an environment that allows for honesty, integrity and hope. She offers insight, clarity and and challenges me when the ED voice feels bigger than my own. She brings empathy and as well as risk taking that creates a dietitian-patient relationship that’s productive and goal focused. I wouldn’t be where I am today if … Continue reading Heather


Kayla is the best dietitian I have ever had. I have seen numerous dietitians but I have never met one like her. She is extremely kind and loving and extremely sensitive. She always understood what I was going through. She empowered me and let me know that she is trustworthy and that I would be … Continue reading Jennifer


Having an eating disorder, I struggled daily to meet my body’s nutritional needs. Kayla helped work with me to formulate a meal plan that was attainable for me. She helped me overcome “fear” foods and become comfortable eating in restaurant settings. She listened and helped problem solve any issues that arose. She stuck with me … Continue reading Katee


Beginning the journey of recovery was definitely not easy with my eating disorder. The binging & purging completely took over my life until I had to drop out of school and get kicked out of my apartment. I was completely entrenched in my food thoughts and felt very ashamed. Not only was Kayla incredibly knowledgable … Continue reading Meg


Throughout my journey in recovery, Kayla has utilized her vast knowledge, immeasurable compassion and limitless patience. During sessions I felt heard and comfortable. She was able to validate my disordered eating thoughts while providing truths that I could rely on to combat them in order to get all of the nutrition my body needed. She … Continue reading Olivia


Working with Kayla as my dietitian truly has changed my life. I had seen many dietitians before and she 100% had the most information for me and answered any questions I had. There is a difference in someone who is passionate about what they do and I know Kayla really cares about her patients and … Continue reading Sydney